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How I Bid Goodbye to Shoulder Pain

Enduring a pang of pain all throughout the day is such a nuisance. When I experienced shoulder pain just a few weeks ago, I had to bear with it while I was working, running my errands, and even while sleeping. It has affected my routine tremendously; my productivity levels lowered, and I had mood swings, because the pain was unbearable and hassling. What’s even more bothersome is that I was clueless on how I had it and on how I’m supposed to attend to it. 

With the use of the internet, I did my own research to find more about about shoulder pain. Most of the articles I have read listed multiple causes of shoulder pain, many ways on how to alleviate the soreness, and several detrimental effects of such condition. Reading tons of information was quite overwhelming, yet it wasn’t as helpful as I expected it to be because I was still unsure about certain details of my shoulder pain. Rather than following steps blindly and taking self-medication, I decided to visit a doctor near my home. 

Thankfully, there are physiotherapists and occupational therapists servicing VIC 3206 area. Since the pain was already severe, I knew I needed a professional’s opinion. Though I had shoulder pain, my doctor performed the basic check-up routine. We started discussing my medical history and this involves the recalling of dates when I first felt it, when the pain was already tolerable, what happened on those dates, and other information that could help my condition’s assessment. Other questions were also regarding my dominant hand, sleeping patterns, sporting activities, and current medications. I was surprised that we also had a rundown of my daily activities to determine what certain routine or undertaking might have stressed my shoulders’ bones or muscles. 

Afterwards, I was required to take several physical examinations to locate the source of my pain. My doctor tried to search for swelling, deformities, lumps, and other abnormalities in the area of my shoulders. From this search, she was able to gauge that I was already experiencing the early symptoms of arthritis. To make sure, I was required to have my X-ray taken. As far as I know, arthritis is no joke, most especially to us working moms. But, I was still glad that I can start preventing worse cases as of now. I’m also grateful that I didn’t need to undergo an MRI or CT scan, which is nerve-racking and expensive. 

Other than arthritis, tendon tear, bursitis, and fracture are causes of shoulder pain. Tender tears are usually the result of wear and tear due to age and pressure. Bursitis is caused by the inflammation and swelling of the acromion, located between the shoulder blades and the rotator cuff. While, shoulder fractures usually involve the clavicle or collar bone, the upper arm bone, and the shoulder blade. 

One of my realizations during the check-up was that it was wrong to ignore sudden bursts of pain in whatever part of your body. When pain is felt, we should immediately act on them to avoid more extreme conditions that would cost you more in the future. As a matter of fact, they are many home remedies for shoulder pain that won’t cost you a dollar. More often than not, they include home necessities that work wonders.

The easiest remedy you can do at home is to apply cold compress in the shoulder area. All you need are ice cubes wrapped in a towel, and place it on the area for more or less 15 minutes. This way, you can reduce the inflammation and pain. What I also could’ve done was to ask someone to massage my back and shoulders, even just for a short while because this is a technique to release the stress in my muscles. Likewise, it promotes healthier blood circulation in this specific area. 

To accelerate the healing of my arthritis and to reduce the pain, swelling, and deformity, I was given two instructions by my doctor. First is to religiously drink the medicines she prescribed me and the other is also to consistently attend my therapy sessions. 

My doctor recommended that I take analgesics, non-steroidal drugs, and anti-rheumatic drugs. Though the first two are non-prescription drugs, many individuals like we would not have known and used these if it weren’t for my doctor. Both of them reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain but the former one really target pain from injuries and fractures, while the latter focuses on inflammation. 

Moreover, my shoulder problems lessened thanks to my physiotherapy program that lasted for a few weeks. From the several sessions I took, I learned how to properly exercise to reduce stiffness of muscles, to improve range of movements, and to correct my shoulder, back, and spine posture. 

Overall, back shoulder pain doesn’t heal with passivity. I learned that in order to improve my condition, I needed to seek help from a doctor and not solely rely on the internet or on my own knowledge. So for those who are feeling tingling yet painful sensations near your shoulder, it’s best to drive to the nearest clinic, therapy center, or hospital to have it checked as soon as possible. 

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Treadmill Helped Me Recover from Injury

Half of my entire existence revolved around sports. One could say that I lived and breathed sports, as I never settled for just one game, for just one physical exercise. From ball games to track and field, to biking, name it and I can do it. Having an active lifestyle benefited me in so many ways; I made new relationships, spent more time away from my gadgets and television, and of course, had a healthier and fit body. Unfortunately, there was a time when I had to stop totally from my daily routines of exercise and sports. Earlier this year, I had a spinal cord injury which took me months before full recovery. After my surgery and a series of therapy sessions, I realized that I should not solely depend on my doctors for my muscles and bones to heal. I, myself, should will my rehabilitation, and on my own, help myself to make the recuperation come sooner.

My therapists were all very supportive and hands-on in my endeavour to be able to walk and run again without difficulty. They all mentioned that faster healing does not necessarily require me to go to the clinic every single day, in fact, there are exercises and equipment I can do and use at home. The most recommended form of exercise that can restore my previous locomotor activity is the usage of the treadmill. Personally, I found treadmills for injury rehabilitation as a fun and effective way for healing at home. 

Initially, I was hesitant whether or not to follow the advice of my doctors as I found it another expense to my medical bills. But when I visited Sole Fitness F85 treadmill Australia – Health Constitution, I was persuaded to go to the nearest sports house and check my options there. The site enumerated a list of pros and cons when it comes to treadmill exercise, likewise gave a list of what features to look for in models that will be used for rehabilitation purposes. 

As explained by my doctor, the lumbar region is the area responsible for my lower portion locomotion; thus, treadmill is a light and steady intervention that would not cause inflammation on my muscles. There are many long-lasting positive effects that I personally experienced as I went on with my 30-minute daily routine on the treadmill. The first and most appreciated benefit of the exercises was that I was able to get on my feet without fear of pain when I walk. Since I can adjust the speed, the inclination, and even personalize a program, my body was not forced to perform beyond my legs’ capabilities. Since it has a flat surface, there was less risk for me to trip or fall, thus making it easier for me to trust my legs and feet. Strength, endurance, and mobility are all encouraged as I have a set time to do my exercise, which conditions my body back to the normal and proper way of walking. What’s even helpful with such equipment is that I am able to track my progress, my speed, my heart rate, and calories burned. Somehow, I became more motivated to do more and achieve more as I the numbers improving. Plus, I didn’t have to go outdoors and expose myself to weather conditions that can affect my health. 

Though these are positive conditions, there were some disadvantages in using the treadmill. To guarantee effectiveness and quality, one should invest in a superior brand; hence, it will be more expensive. The model I bought actually cost me more than a thousand dollars, so it might seem unpractical, most especially if you are simultaneously attending therapeutic classes. A good cushion surface is also difficult to find in many affordable models, but one should always consider this factor so that there is protection from further ankle, foot, leg, knee, and spinal injury.  

Despite all these remarks, it was still possible for me to achieve full recovery in a shorter time than expected. I found solace in the constant support and examinations of my doctors and in the many features of my chosen treadmill. However, not all individuals can achieve a positive outcome if one doesn’t discipline and will oneself to get better. At the end of the day, rehabilitation does not solely depend on medicines, equipment, and professional help, it also rests in the decision and conviction of the person to heal so you can return to doing what you love. 

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How Acupuncture Can Affect IVF Success

pregnancyIt seems so silly now how much effort we women put into making sure we didn’t get pregnant when we were younger. In fact, when I finally planned for a family, I didn’t realize that it would actually be very difficult for me. I had wasted so much time and effort preventing something that was, unknown to me, almost impossible. 

After marriage, I tried hard and failed in getting pregnant fast. My husband and I gave it our best, following every tip we read and heard about, hoping that it would happen naturally at some point. When it wouldn’t happen, we braced ourselves to try out IVF. 

Unfortunately, these sessions were going to be a big strain on our finances, so we wanted to make sure that we will finally achieve our dream of having kids. I tried to research about the treatment to find out how we can make the odds better. This is when I found out about IVF acupuncture to help with pregnancy.

Although doctors are not sure how it actually helps with fertility, there is growing research that proves its effectiveness in women who are undergoing IVF. When acupuncture was done on the same day as when the embryos are implanted, the chances of conception go higher. 

It is not so easy to track the influence of acupuncture on fertility because the treatments themselves have a lot of benefits that might also indirectly help women conceive. First of all, acupuncture helps with stress levels, which is very important to help you become more fertile. Moreover, blood circulation to your pelvic organs, especially the ovaries and uterus, is improved. 

Even hormone levels are affected by these sessions. This can help regulate your menstrual cycle and tackle ovulation dysfunction. These can be reasons why you are finding it hard to get pregnant. If your partner goes for a few sessions, he also reaps benefits through better sperm health. 

Acupuncture, in short, can affect your mind and body to help you get pregnant. After all, as I know very well from experience, trying to conceive can be a very stressful and difficult time for a couple. The monthly attempts, waiting to see if your period will come or not, the many tests and worst of all, the disappointment, all build up. IVF cycles, with its hefty price tag, is a huge decision to make and you go to the clinic with such tense expectation. If acupuncture can at least help you relax and if having lower stress levels can make conception more successful, then this is worth a try.

I was convinced enough that I asked my doctor to refer me to an acupuncturist as part of my fertility treatment. After all, I was already cleared from other conditions like endometriosis that might not be addressed by this procedure, so this could still boost my chances.

My initial meeting with the acupuncturist was all about talking about my history, especially the many attempts to get pregnant. I also got a better idea of how acupuncture can go hand in hand with my IVF treatments to ensure success.

In fact, sessions were planned before, during and after the IVF process. It all begins a week before the cycle. On the day of implantation, acupuncture is done before and after. Moreover, during the two-week wait, visits to the clinic are also planned between the 7th and 10th day. This is to relieve stress and tension as I wait for the result of the IVF. 

The acupuncture sessions themselves were very pleasant, and I only felt a bit of tingling where the needles were inserted. However, after a few moments, I began to feel much more relaxed. This lasted as I finally went in for the implantation.

At the end of the IVF cycle and the 2-week wait, we were ready to see if it worked. Thankfully, I was one of that 65 % of women who have conceived after a combination of IVF and acupuncture. I was pregnant!

I would never be able to really determine what in the end, was the reason for this success. I would like to think that it was the combination of the two. As I look at my infant now, I can only be grateful to the team of acupuncturists who have shared their expertise in fertility and acupuncture to help women like me. I can only hope that one day, its effectiveness can be more clearly proven and that a combination of the 2 treatments become more widely offered. 

For other women who are still trying, I can only recommend doing their research and asking their doctor for a chance to combine their IVF cycles with acupuncture. Lastly, make sure you approach someone who has a broad expertise in acupuncture treatments for fertility. With 6 to 7 women finally ending up pregnant, your chances are pretty good!

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hydrotherapyI am now in my 40s and I feel like older than my age because of the joint and muscle pains I’ve been experiencing more frequently during the last several weeks. As a mother, I still work for my children and early retirement. I like my work because it doesn’t require me to do a lot of physical work. Most of the times, I just sit in my desk and entertain people from time to time. With this, I engage myself in other hobbies and interests such as maintaining my organic garden and taking care of our dogs and cats.

Because I do a lot of movements and physical work at home, I have noticed the recurring pains in my joints and muscles. In the past, I’ve tried several types of therapy such as relaxation massage. However, because it does not involve deep massage of muscles and tissues, the effect doesn’t address the root cause of the pains. So, I’ve decided to invite my friend and have some tea in my house. When she arrived, I told her about my current condition. She recommended that I try hydrotherapy. She also recommended that I check out Wyndham Physio Werribee FB page because it is where I can find more details about the therapy.

After my friend left, I immediately checked the page and there I found about hydrotherapy. I’ve learned that it is a treatment that primarily relies on the use of warm. Generally, warm water is used to achieve several objectives. Basically, hydrotherapy is an external treatment that requires the body to be immersed in water. The external treatment may also be about the application of ice or water. The therapy may also be temperature-based, which involves the use of hot or cold water and its effects on the skin and tissues. I was happy to learn that hot water is used to effectively treat several conditions such as sore muscles, arthritis, poor blood circulation, and rheumatism. Hydrotherapy is effective because the hot water relaxes the different muscles all over the body and consequently results to sweating. As I further read about the therapy, I got interested in knowing about hydrotherapy benefits.  

To have a better understanding of the benefits, I decided to go to a physiotherapy clinic that also offers external and temperature-based hydrotherapy. In the clinic, I asked several questions about how the therapy can concretely help me. I particularly ask about the benefits that may also work for me. The therapist enthusiastically shared with me why women like me should try the therapy.

First, the therapist emphasized that the use of ice and hot or cold water is used to treat many types of conditions and illnesses. These include stress, sleep disorders headaches, depression, colds, arthritis, acne, nerve problems, muscle pains, joint pains and stomach problems. I was happy to learn that my conditions such as muscle pains, joint pains and stress due to work are treatable using the therapy.

Because I can’t wait anymore, I asked her about the benefits. She explained to me that after several sessions of hydrotherapy, a relatively old patient like me can recognize and enjoy an improvement in the function of my internal organs. This is possible because the treatment stimulates the supply of blood to the different body organs. Another benefit that I may enjoy is the boost in my immune system, which in turn greatly improves the efficiency of the system. I may also notice a significant change in the tone of my muscles and look of my skin. This is because the treatment hydrates the cells to improve muscle tone and make the skin look more youthful and healthy.

The therapist showed me some illustrations of how the treatment works. Then, she continued with her discussion of the benefits as proven by their previous and current clients. She said that people who have tried hydrotherapy in their clinic have enjoyed a dramatic increase in the elimination of their body waste, which greatly assisted their detoxification process. They have also noticed an increase in their digestion activity and metabolic rate, which have made heavier women happy because they found another relaxing way to loosen their weight. The hot water also loosened their tight and tense muscles.

Generally, the use of hot water greatly improves blood circulation, which in effect results to numerous benefits. In my case, the therapy said that I can experience a decrease in joint stress, reduction in muscle pain and spasms, and improvement in coordination and balance. The therapist tried to massage my arm’s joints and muscles using a bag with hot water. When the hot bag touched my warms, the feeling was very relaxing after a few minutes. Because I felt relaxed and relieved by just the use of a hot bag, I requested for a session of hydrotherapy that same day. After my first treatment, I also scheduled the next sessions.

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lemon for acne

If you are like me, then perhaps you are also getting annoyed with those pesky acne growing on your face and upper arms. Maybe, like me, you have also tried so-called commercial acne remedies that cost you literally a fortune but without any desirable results.  While many would immediately seek treatment from a licensed dermatologist, I, for one, would want to try out some good old natural remedies first. My grandmother have never used any of these so-called anti-acne products and has never seen a dermatologist in her life. Yet, she was always able to keep her acne at bay. And I still can remember some of the natural remedies she used.

Now, before I share with my grandma’s secret to natural acne treatment, understand that acne develops because of blockage of the pores of the skin secondary to the accumulation of dirt and debris coupled with the excessive production of sebum. Now, acne can turn worse if these materials clogging the pores are not removed and bacteria starts growing in them. Understand therefore, that anything that increases sebum production or facilitate accumulation of pore-clogging debris on the skin can cause acne. Contraceptive pills, corticosteroids, and androgens have all been shown to worsen acne. The key to managing acne therefore is by avoiding anything that causes acne, if at all possible.

If not, here are 5 of the most common natural remedies I found effective in managing acne.

Tea Tree Oil – Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, I have found teat tree oil to be particularly effective in managing my acnes. I usually make a solution of about 5 drops of tea tree oil combined with 20 to 40 drops of witch hazel and then apply the solution onto my acnes twice a day. Studies now show that tea tree oil is as effective as benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of acnes. Additionally, it doesn’t burn my skin.

Green Tea – There are two methods of using green tea as an anti-acne treatment. The first one is as a face wash. You will have to boil water, steep a bag of green tea, let it cool, then use it to wash your face. The second is to use the same bag of green tea and rest it over the acne. Green tea is known for its excellent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Honey – Who doesn’t love honey? I usually mix a cup of plain oatmeal with half a cup of honey then apply it onto my face as a facemask leaving it on for at least 30 minutes. I usually leave it on for an hour before rinsing it off with clean water. For optimum results, you can apply pure honey onto the acne itself. Honey has antibiotic properties that should help reduce the inflammation caused by the bacteria in the acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar – The malic and lactic acids contained in apple cider vinegar makes it a very good exfoliant, reducing the amount of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin which can aggravate the acne. I often use it as a toner mixing equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar. 

Lemon -Like apple cider vinegar, lemons contain natural aids that are important for skin health. Additionally, lemons make excellent exfoliants, disinfectants, and skin lighteners. This helps make the skin look brighter and the acne scars look less visible. I usually dip a cotton ball in freshly squeezed lemon juice and dab it onto my acne. It may sting a little bit but I can always freshen it up afterwards with cool water.

There are many other natural remedies out there that have been used by countless individuals having problems with acne. Many of these are now slowly being proven by science to be equally effective as their commercially-available counterparts. For as long as you are using something natural on your skin, you don’t to worry about any negative side effects. Just make sure that proper research and application are carried out.

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They say that a girl’s hair is her crowning glory. And when it comes to keeping it shiny and immaculate, there are thousands of tips, recipes, and guides one will find. Whether it’s dry hair, frizzy locks, or split-ends, there are numerous solutions that no longer require a visit to the salon. 

Distressed and panicking because of a bad hair day? The Rakis Facebook Page will give you a way out of your mane problems. There are products an individual can buy from a beauty shop or drug store and homemade recipes that won’t force big bucks out of the wallet. It’s amazing that many kitchen ingredients can do so much not only for the stomach’s satisfaction, but for hair care as well.

Here are some tips that can treat one’s hair in no time.

Start with the roots. In order to have luscious locks and tresses, one should pay attention in having a healthy scalp first. There’s no excuse for being lazy in brushing your own hair. To make sure that the natural oil reaches and moisturizes the very end of the hair strands, a routine of gentle brushing will really help. Hair growth is also encouraged with essential oils. The usual rosemary, lavender, and tree oils are absorbed by the scalp to invigorate healthy ends. And if there’ is excessive oil production, it’s recommended to dab cotton with witch hazel on the head and rinse afterwards.

Choosing the right products. The head must be sick and battered from all the different types of chemicals poured in the head. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner may sometimes be the key to a healthy and glossy hair. Nowadays, many hair products are specifically formulated depending on the issues they can address. If one experiences daily flaking, it’s best to buy anti-dandruff shampoo.

Prolong hair color without frequent coloring. Coloring and bleaching one’s hair from time to time will certainly damage hair quality and appearance. To prevent the fading of the dye, a solution made up of 1/4 cup vinegar and half cup distilled water will do the trick. Just pour it over the head and let it stay for a minute before rinsing. If one wishes to reduce the strong acidic smell, mixing it will oils is safe. This is a quick fix to extend the results of color treatments. 

Wash and rinse with cold water. Ever wondered why salons use cold water to wet wash and rinse their customers’ hair? It’s because using cold water has strong points. While hot water opens the pores on the scalp, the cold water closes the cuticles and prevents the natural oil and moisture flow out from the roots. More moisture results to less frizz and lustrous hair.

Go natural. Sometimes, a good place to start looking for remedies is the kitchen. The usual ingredients are mainly the components of organic hair masks, moisturizers, and oil treatments. Some of the most famous and effective homemade recipes are as follows.

The Avocado Hair Mask. Just pulp an avocado and mix it with a 1/4 cup of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon extracts to achieve the creamy paste or gel to be used. Afterwards, massage the scalp with the paste first, then continue to comb it down with your fingers until it reaches the ends. After leaving it for 15 minutes and rinsing thoroughly, one can expect shiny hair and a moisturized scalp. With the Omega 3 acids and vitamins, plus the avocado oil, the scalp will be well-hydrated, making the stands smoother and softer. 

Honey and Vegetable Oil Hair Mask. Some people worry about dry hair, specifically dry ends. The reason for this is the lack of oil produced by the scalp. By mixing two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of vegetable, you’ll get an instant hair mask that will infuse the roots with hydration all throughout the day.

Coconut Oil. You’ve probably heard about the wonders of this organic product that’s been used for many centuries. Coconut oil is one of the best conditioning treatments with anti-fungal benefits. To achieve the optimum results, it’s suggested to leave the oil for at least an hour. The longer it stays on the head, the more effective the treatment is. If one wants to give the strands a healthy gloss, he/she can opt to comb the hair after application of the oil. 

Instead of draining hard-earned cash in multiple salon appointments, one can keep hair looking gorgeous with cheap formulas and homemade alternatives. Not only do you save money for using natural home-made products, you too take share in caring for our environment.

You can read more interesting and informational articles such as this when you click here.

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stress reliefThe world has become a haven for all kinds of stressors. It seems that everything from the weather, your child, pet, work, and everything around you can trigger stress. Once you feel stressed, additional problems occur. You become more emotional and unable to control yourself. Making decisions seem difficult and you suddenly become hotheaded. Aside from these, you feel down physically. Headaches are more frequent and you easily get tired.

This is why it is important to have a sort of shield against stress. Good thing there are supplements for stress that aid in relieving both its physical and emotional effects. Among the supplements that fight stress, the most common, probably, is Melatonin. This hormone is naturally produced by the brain to help regulate sleep cycles. When you take melatonin as a stress reliever, you will notice a change in your previously disturbed sleep pattern. You will be able to get your desired number of sleep hours so you get to feel more refreshed as soon as you wake up. Having enough sleep will also alleviate headaches and lessen the likelihood of feeling depressed.

These supplements can also be classified as essential health foods that contribute to maintaining optimum health balance in order to avoid being overcome by stress.

Another stress- fighting supplement is Magnesium. This is a mineral that is important for both nerve and muscle function. A balanced diet can help provide the body with enough magnesium. However, not all can get enough from what they eat so a supplementation is a must. Magnesium works by making the body relaxed and makes the body feel less depressed.

Vitamin B-complex is a common supplement among all age brackets. It is a mix of essential water-soluble vitamins such as biotin, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, and cobalamins among others. Its functions include mood improvement, sleep regulation, and regulation of neurotransmitter production. All of these boost energy so stress is effectively avoided.

In some people, herbal supplements are effective in stress management. Common herbs include lemon balm which is a part of the mint family. This type of herb induces a calmer feeling and improved mood. Another is Kava that originated from the South Pacific. This herb lowers anxiety thereby reducing stress- related symptoms. Valerian root is common among sleep- deprived individuals because this herb is known to treat sleep disorders. In fact, some studies show that when combined with St. John’s wort, another herb, Valerian root becomes more potent compared to other medications. St. John’s wort is an herbal remedy that is known for its effects on anxiety and is also great as a sedative.

When it comes to stress management, it is best to remember that the most effective treatment method is by pointing out the root causes first. Stress can be caused by mental, physical, and environmental stimulants. You can be stressed because you find it hard to concentrate on something, or you feel pain in various body parts, or when you often encounter traffic when traveling to places.

There are plenty of supplements that can help but it will be useless if you are unable to identify the main problem. Once the cause of stress is identified, it is advised to determine ways and means to avoid it so stress is also avoided. But in cases where stress can’t be evaded, the supplements mentioned earlier are worth a try. They are inexpensive and have less ill effects compared to medications. However, it is a must that a doctor should be consulted first in order to guarantee the safety of using these supplements. Even if they are all- natural like the herbal supplements, some patients are not able to tolerate them because of several issues like allergic reactions to the substance and having a kidney problem which can worsen when certain substances are ingested.

If ever you are interested in supplements, you can approach an expert with traditional herbal medicines or those who practice integrative medicine to ensure the quality of the supplements. Be aware that taking these supplements should be under the watchful eye of an expert so that it can serve its purpose in reducing stress.

Stress management is crucial in maintaining a healthy mind and body. It is also essential when helping a sick body restored to its optimal function as well as in preventing the development of new diseases. You should not be confused about which supplement to take but rather focus on a supplement plan that targets the symptoms that cause stress. For example, you have trouble with sleep and it makes you feel weak in your waking hours. Supplements that go against sleep deprivation should be your ultimate tool and you can do away with other supplements.

Aside from supplements, you may also try relaxation methods to help alleviate stress. Meditation exercises like yoga, relaxation massage, and even practicing controlled breathing can give huge relief against stress.

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teaching kids 1The home is the first school of children. As parents it is our solemn responsibility to teach our kids the values that we hold dear, including understanding and appreciating the importance of maintaining health and keeping fit. It does not necessarily have to be in a very formal and highly structured way. The most important thing is to develop healthy habits for kids that they will be able to bring with them as they grow older. Very young children may not understand it yet but if you are going to show them the proper way to do things, then they will be able to understand the value of it when they reach a certain age.

Here are some ways how you can teach your kids to value health at a very young age.

Understand the Developmental Patterns of Your Kids

Young children look at their parents with wide-eyed amazement. Infants are fascinated with vibrant colors, moving objects, and uniquely sounding things. Toddlers are little explorers and as such would want nothing less than the ability to explore a lot of things, even dangerous ones. Preschoolers now have parent favorites. They either want to be associated with mom or with dad. Little girls are known to be a lot closer to dad by this time while little boys will be aptly called mama’s boy. No pun intended, of course. The point is that different child development stages have distinct characteristics. It is therefore important for you as the parent of these kids to understand what these developmental characteristics are and use this knowledge in your teaching of the value of health.

For example, since very young children love anything colorful and moving and make sounds, you may want to use tooth brushes that are as colorful as the rainbow or may have a handle that makes sounds or even lights up when shaken. If you have a toddler, maybe you can include some unique building blocks during bath time to make it more interesting. Provide something that he will be naturally curious about and associate that with the healthy habit that you would like to impart. This goes well into food preparation. You want your toddler to eat healthy? Then you need to prepare food that is really appealing and very interesting. Instead of laying down his food bare and bland, why not hide his favorite food on a heap of vegetables so that he will be stimulated to dig it up? Be creative.

Join Your Kids in Their Activities and Make it fun

Kids naturally love to play. This is a very important concept for you to understand. That means, all of your health teachings should be fun and enjoyable. You can join them during their bathing, tooth brushing, and grooming activities. Make feeding times more interesting by creating dishes that are not only appetizing but also visually appealing and intellectually stimulating. Join them in their activities and introduce certain health concepts in a way that is appropriate to their learning age.

Be a Good Role Model

What better way to teach kids than being a good role model for them? You want them to eat vegetables and fruits and all the right food stuff? Then you also need to show them that you enjoy eating these kinds of foods. What is most frustrating to see is some parents who tell their kids that eating vegetables and fruits and whole grains is healthier than junk foods, oily and fatty foods, and highly carbonated beverages. What message do you think the kids will get? You tell them to take a bath yet you only take a bath yourself twice a week. You tell them that smoking is bad for health yet they see you lighting your favorite cigarette brand every now and then.

Expose Them to Kid-Friendly Healthcare Professionals as Early as Possible

Kids have been known to associate people in white with pain and suffering. That is why it is very important to expose your kids to medical doctors and dentists at the earliest possible time. However, it is very important that you choose your healthcare provider carefully. You need someone who knows how to handle kids in a very non-threatening way. You need a doctor and a dentist who knows how to have fun while caring for the health and wellness of your kids. It goes without saying that a pediatrician and a pediatric dentist is well-suited for this job. However, not all children’s health specialists are naturally good with children. The point is for you to choose a healthcare professional who will provide a very pleasant, non-traumatic, experience for your children. This is very important because traumatic experiences in childhood can persist up to adulthood.

Teaching young kids to value health is challenging simply because of their not yet fully developed cognitive understanding. However, it is important that you show them the correct and proper way to care for one’s body. When they grow up and realize why they do the things you taught them while they were still very young, they will really appreciate the small fun things you have taught them.

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