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Enduring a pang of pain all throughout the day is such a nuisance. When I experienced shoulder pain just a few weeks ago, I had to bear with it while I was working, running my errands, and even while sleeping. It has affected my routine tremendously; my productivity levels lowered, and I had mood swings, because the pain was unbearable and hassling. What’s even more bothersome is that I was clueless on how I had it and on how I’m supposed to attend to it. 

With the use of the internet, I did my own research to find more about about shoulder pain. Most of the articles I have read listed multiple causes of shoulder pain, many ways on how to alleviate the soreness, and several detrimental effects of such condition. Reading tons of information was quite overwhelming, yet it wasn’t as helpful as I expected it to be because I was still unsure about certain details of my shoulder pain. Rather than following steps blindly and taking self-medication, I decided to visit a doctor near my home. 

Thankfully, there are physiotherapists and occupational therapists servicing VIC 3206 area. Since the pain was already severe, I knew I needed a professional’s opinion. Though I had shoulder pain, my doctor performed the basic check-up routine. We started discussing my medical history and this involves the recalling of dates when I first felt it, when the pain was already tolerable, what happened on those dates, and other information that could help my condition’s assessment. Other questions were also regarding my dominant hand, sleeping patterns, sporting activities, and current medications. I was surprised that we also had a rundown of my daily activities to determine what certain routine or undertaking might have stressed my shoulders’ bones or muscles. 

Afterwards, I was required to take several physical examinations to locate the source of my pain. My doctor tried to search for swelling, deformities, lumps, and other abnormalities in the area of my shoulders. From this search, she was able to gauge that I was already experiencing the early symptoms of arthritis. To make sure, I was required to have my X-ray taken. As far as I know, arthritis is no joke, most especially to us working moms. But, I was still glad that I can start preventing worse cases as of now. I’m also grateful that I didn’t need to undergo an MRI or CT scan, which is nerve-racking and expensive. 

Other than arthritis, tendon tear, bursitis, and fracture are causes of shoulder pain. Tender tears are usually the result of wear and tear due to age and pressure. Bursitis is caused by the inflammation and swelling of the acromion, located between the shoulder blades and the rotator cuff. While, shoulder fractures usually involve the clavicle or collar bone, the upper arm bone, and the shoulder blade. 

One of my realizations during the check-up was that it was wrong to ignore sudden bursts of pain in whatever part of your body. When pain is felt, we should immediately act on them to avoid more extreme conditions that would cost you more in the future. As a matter of fact, they are many home remedies for shoulder pain that won’t cost you a dollar. More often than not, they include home necessities that work wonders.

The easiest remedy you can do at home is to apply cold compress in the shoulder area. All you need are ice cubes wrapped in a towel, and place it on the area for more or less 15 minutes. This way, you can reduce the inflammation and pain. What I also could’ve done was to ask someone to massage my back and shoulders, even just for a short while because this is a technique to release the stress in my muscles. Likewise, it promotes healthier blood circulation in this specific area. 

To accelerate the healing of my arthritis and to reduce the pain, swelling, and deformity, I was given two instructions by my doctor. First is to religiously drink the medicines she prescribed me and the other is also to consistently attend my therapy sessions. 

My doctor recommended that I take analgesics, non-steroidal drugs, and anti-rheumatic drugs. Though the first two are non-prescription drugs, many individuals like we would not have known and used these if it weren’t for my doctor. Both of them reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain but the former one really target pain from injuries and fractures, while the latter focuses on inflammation. 

Moreover, my shoulder problems lessened thanks to my physiotherapy program that lasted for a few weeks. From the several sessions I took, I learned how to properly exercise to reduce stiffness of muscles, to improve range of movements, and to correct my shoulder, back, and spine posture. 

Overall, back shoulder pain doesn’t heal with passivity. I learned that in order to improve my condition, I needed to seek help from a doctor and not solely rely on the internet or on my own knowledge. So for those who are feeling tingling yet painful sensations near your shoulder, it’s best to drive to the nearest clinic, therapy center, or hospital to have it checked as soon as possible. 

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