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hydrotherapyI am now in my 40s and I feel like older than my age because of the joint and muscle pains I’ve been experiencing more frequently during the last several weeks. As a mother, I still work for my children and early retirement. I like my work because it doesn’t require me to do a lot of physical work. Most of the times, I just sit in my desk and entertain people from time to time. With this, I engage myself in other hobbies and interests such as maintaining my organic garden and taking care of our dogs and cats.

Because I do a lot of movements and physical work at home, I have noticed the recurring pains in my joints and muscles. In the past, I’ve tried several types of therapy such as relaxation massage. However, because it does not involve deep massage of muscles and tissues, the effect doesn’t address the root cause of the pains. So, I’ve decided to invite my friend and have some tea in my house. When she arrived, I told her about my current condition. She recommended that I try hydrotherapy. She also recommended that I check out Wyndham Physio Werribee FB page because it is where I can find more details about the therapy.

After my friend left, I immediately checked the page and there I found about hydrotherapy. I’ve learned that it is a treatment that primarily relies on the use of warm. Generally, warm water is used to achieve several objectives. Basically, hydrotherapy is an external treatment that requires the body to be immersed in water. The external treatment may also be about the application of ice or water. The therapy may also be temperature-based, which involves the use of hot or cold water and its effects on the skin and tissues. I was happy to learn that hot water is used to effectively treat several conditions such as sore muscles, arthritis, poor blood circulation, and rheumatism. Hydrotherapy is effective because the hot water relaxes the different muscles all over the body and consequently results to sweating. As I further read about the therapy, I got interested in knowing about hydrotherapy benefits.  

To have a better understanding of the benefits, I decided to go to a physiotherapy clinic that also offers external and temperature-based hydrotherapy. In the clinic, I asked several questions about how the therapy can concretely help me. I particularly ask about the benefits that may also work for me. The therapist enthusiastically shared with me why women like me should try the therapy.

First, the therapist emphasized that the use of ice and hot or cold water is used to treat many types of conditions and illnesses. These include stress, sleep disorders headaches, depression, colds, arthritis, acne, nerve problems, muscle pains, joint pains and stomach problems. I was happy to learn that my conditions such as muscle pains, joint pains and stress due to work are treatable using the therapy.

Because I can’t wait anymore, I asked her about the benefits. She explained to me that after several sessions of hydrotherapy, a relatively old patient like me can recognize and enjoy an improvement in the function of my internal organs. This is possible because the treatment stimulates the supply of blood to the different body organs. Another benefit that I may enjoy is the boost in my immune system, which in turn greatly improves the efficiency of the system. I may also notice a significant change in the tone of my muscles and look of my skin. This is because the treatment hydrates the cells to improve muscle tone and make the skin look more youthful and healthy.

The therapist showed me some illustrations of how the treatment works. Then, she continued with her discussion of the benefits as proven by their previous and current clients. She said that people who have tried hydrotherapy in their clinic have enjoyed a dramatic increase in the elimination of their body waste, which greatly assisted their detoxification process. They have also noticed an increase in their digestion activity and metabolic rate, which have made heavier women happy because they found another relaxing way to loosen their weight. The hot water also loosened their tight and tense muscles.

Generally, the use of hot water greatly improves blood circulation, which in effect results to numerous benefits. In my case, the therapy said that I can experience a decrease in joint stress, reduction in muscle pain and spasms, and improvement in coordination and balance. The therapist tried to massage my arm’s joints and muscles using a bag with hot water. When the hot bag touched my warms, the feeling was very relaxing after a few minutes. Because I felt relaxed and relieved by just the use of a hot bag, I requested for a session of hydrotherapy that same day. After my first treatment, I also scheduled the next sessions.

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