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stress reliefThe world has become a haven for all kinds of stressors. It seems that everything from the weather, your child, pet, work, and everything around you can trigger stress. Once you feel stressed, additional problems occur. You become more emotional and unable to control yourself. Making decisions seem difficult and you suddenly become hotheaded. Aside from these, you feel down physically. Headaches are more frequent and you easily get tired.

This is why it is important to have a sort of shield against stress. Good thing there are supplements for stress that aid in relieving both its physical and emotional effects. Among the supplements that fight stress, the most common, probably, is Melatonin. This hormone is naturally produced by the brain to help regulate sleep cycles. When you take melatonin as a stress reliever, you will notice a change in your previously disturbed sleep pattern. You will be able to get your desired number of sleep hours so you get to feel more refreshed as soon as you wake up. Having enough sleep will also alleviate headaches and lessen the likelihood of feeling depressed.

These supplements can also be classified as essential health foods that contribute to maintaining optimum health balance in order to avoid being overcome by stress.

Another stress- fighting supplement is Magnesium. This is a mineral that is important for both nerve and muscle function. A balanced diet can help provide the body with enough magnesium. However, not all can get enough from what they eat so a supplementation is a must. Magnesium works by making the body relaxed and makes the body feel less depressed.

Vitamin B-complex is a common supplement among all age brackets. It is a mix of essential water-soluble vitamins such as biotin, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, and cobalamins among others. Its functions include mood improvement, sleep regulation, and regulation of neurotransmitter production. All of these boost energy so stress is effectively avoided.

In some people, herbal supplements are effective in stress management. Common herbs include lemon balm which is a part of the mint family. This type of herb induces a calmer feeling and improved mood. Another is Kava that originated from the South Pacific. This herb lowers anxiety thereby reducing stress- related symptoms. Valerian root is common among sleep- deprived individuals because this herb is known to treat sleep disorders. In fact, some studies show that when combined with St. John’s wort, another herb, Valerian root becomes more potent compared to other medications. St. John’s wort is an herbal remedy that is known for its effects on anxiety and is also great as a sedative.

When it comes to stress management, it is best to remember that the most effective treatment method is by pointing out the root causes first. Stress can be caused by mental, physical, and environmental stimulants. You can be stressed because you find it hard to concentrate on something, or you feel pain in various body parts, or when you often encounter traffic when traveling to places.

There are plenty of supplements that can help but it will be useless if you are unable to identify the main problem. Once the cause of stress is identified, it is advised to determine ways and means to avoid it so stress is also avoided. But in cases where stress can’t be evaded, the supplements mentioned earlier are worth a try. They are inexpensive and have less ill effects compared to medications. However, it is a must that a doctor should be consulted first in order to guarantee the safety of using these supplements. Even if they are all- natural like the herbal supplements, some patients are not able to tolerate them because of several issues like allergic reactions to the substance and having a kidney problem which can worsen when certain substances are ingested.

If ever you are interested in supplements, you can approach an expert with traditional herbal medicines or those who practice integrative medicine to ensure the quality of the supplements. Be aware that taking these supplements should be under the watchful eye of an expert so that it can serve its purpose in reducing stress.

Stress management is crucial in maintaining a healthy mind and body. It is also essential when helping a sick body restored to its optimal function as well as in preventing the development of new diseases. You should not be confused about which supplement to take but rather focus on a supplement plan that targets the symptoms that cause stress. For example, you have trouble with sleep and it makes you feel weak in your waking hours. Supplements that go against sleep deprivation should be your ultimate tool and you can do away with other supplements.

Aside from supplements, you may also try relaxation methods to help alleviate stress. Meditation exercises like yoga, relaxation massage, and even practicing controlled breathing can give huge relief against stress.

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