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Half of my entire existence revolved around sports. One could say that I lived and breathed sports, as I never settled for just one game, for just one physical exercise. From ball games to track and field, to biking, name it and I can do it. Having an active lifestyle benefited me in so many ways; I made new relationships, spent more time away from my gadgets and television, and of course, had a healthier and fit body. Unfortunately, there was a time when I had to stop totally from my daily routines of exercise and sports. Earlier this year, I had a spinal cord injury which took me months before full recovery. After my surgery and a series of therapy sessions, I realized that I should not solely depend on my doctors for my muscles and bones to heal. I, myself, should will my rehabilitation, and on my own, help myself to make the recuperation come sooner.

My therapists were all very supportive and hands-on in my endeavour to be able to walk and run again without difficulty. They all mentioned that faster healing does not necessarily require me to go to the clinic every single day, in fact, there are exercises and equipment I can do and use at home. The most recommended form of exercise that can restore my previous locomotor activity is the usage of the treadmill. Personally, I found treadmills for injury rehabilitation as a fun and effective way for healing at home. 

Initially, I was hesitant whether or not to follow the advice of my doctors as I found it another expense to my medical bills. But when I visited Sole Fitness F85 treadmill Australia – Health Constitution, I was persuaded to go to the nearest sports house and check my options there. The site enumerated a list of pros and cons when it comes to treadmill exercise, likewise gave a list of what features to look for in models that will be used for rehabilitation purposes. 

As explained by my doctor, the lumbar region is the area responsible for my lower portion locomotion; thus, treadmill is a light and steady intervention that would not cause inflammation on my muscles. There are many long-lasting positive effects that I personally experienced as I went on with my 30-minute daily routine on the treadmill. The first and most appreciated benefit of the exercises was that I was able to get on my feet without fear of pain when I walk. Since I can adjust the speed, the inclination, and even personalize a program, my body was not forced to perform beyond my legs’ capabilities. Since it has a flat surface, there was less risk for me to trip or fall, thus making it easier for me to trust my legs and feet. Strength, endurance, and mobility are all encouraged as I have a set time to do my exercise, which conditions my body back to the normal and proper way of walking. What’s even helpful with such equipment is that I am able to track my progress, my speed, my heart rate, and calories burned. Somehow, I became more motivated to do more and achieve more as I the numbers improving. Plus, I didn’t have to go outdoors and expose myself to weather conditions that can affect my health. 

Though these are positive conditions, there were some disadvantages in using the treadmill. To guarantee effectiveness and quality, one should invest in a superior brand; hence, it will be more expensive. The model I bought actually cost me more than a thousand dollars, so it might seem unpractical, most especially if you are simultaneously attending therapeutic classes. A good cushion surface is also difficult to find in many affordable models, but one should always consider this factor so that there is protection from further ankle, foot, leg, knee, and spinal injury.  

Despite all these remarks, it was still possible for me to achieve full recovery in a shorter time than expected. I found solace in the constant support and examinations of my doctors and in the many features of my chosen treadmill. However, not all individuals can achieve a positive outcome if one doesn’t discipline and will oneself to get better. At the end of the day, rehabilitation does not solely depend on medicines, equipment, and professional help, it also rests in the decision and conviction of the person to heal so you can return to doing what you love. 

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